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1. Cracking Inspection method: visual evaluation criteria: Type A defects: cracks that can be noticed by users without training. Stamping parts with such defects are unacceptable to users, and stamping parts must be frozen immediately after discovery. Type B defects: Visible and determinable micro cracks. Stamping parts with such defects are not acceptable in Zones I and II. Repair welding and repairing in other areas is allowed, but the repaired parts are not easy to detect by customers and must meet the stamping requirements. Repair standards for parts. Type C defects: The defects are ambiguous and determined after careful inspection. The stamping parts of this type of defect will be repaired in Zone II, Zone III and IV, but the repaired parts are not easy to be found by customers Read more

Stamping die is currently a widely used manufacturing method in the manufacturing industry, but the current level of stamping die production in my country is not ideal, and there is still a gap between it and western developed countries, especially in the relatively short service life of stamping die , The short service life will directly affect the use of products, and at the same time, it will directly affect the development of my country’s manufacturing industry. Therefore, how to effectively improve the service life of stamping dies is very important. It can play a certain role in the development of stamping dies. Keywords: stamping die life method measures, stamping dies are used very frequently in my country’s manufacturing industry, especially in the automobile manufacturing industry, stamping dies are the Read more

Gaskets are important parts required for industrial manufacturing. The design of economical and feasible gasket punching dies can provide references for related companies, thereby shortening the mold design cycle, reducing costs and achieving benefits. The material of the existing gasket work piece is Q235 steel, the thickness is 1mm, the work piece can be ordinary punched, and the production batch is large batch. Analysis and determination of its size and size process plan Process analysis of stamping parts The manufacturability of blanking parts refers to the suitability of the workpiece to the copper stamping process, and it is the process requirement for the product from the perspective of stamping process. Good manufacturability is reflected in the low material consumption, small number of procedures, simple mold structure and long life, stable Read more

The basic principle of milling in precision machining

The basic principle of milling in precision machining When precision machining manufacturers are involved in precision machining, we must first work out the machining process of mechanical parts to ensure that each joint is flat. In precision machining, milling is used to produce and process all kinds of metal materials and metal materials, and can produce and process the plan view, the cylindrical surface and the cone surface of the surface and the inside. The whole process of milling can be done by micro-analysis and drilling of steel parts by the abrasive grains of mineral acid, including the comprehensive functions of cumbersome physics and organic chemistry. Since the raw material of the grind tool is softer than the raw material of the steel to be grind, the abrasive particles in Read more

Positioning and datum of parts

Precision machining process-part positioning and datum 1. Benchmark Benchmark refers to the points, lines, and surfaces used to determine the geometric relationship between the geometric components of the production object. For a machine part, the datum is the point, line, and surface on which the positions of other points, lines, and surfaces on the part are determined. In the decision-making and processing process of mechanical parts, which points, lines, and surfaces are selected as benchmarks according to different requirements are one of the main components that simply affect the processing technology of the parts, the dimensions between the surfaces, and the accuracy of the positions. Based on the difference between the results and the application, the benchmarks can be divided into two categories: decision-making benchmarks and process benchmarks. (1) Decision-making Read more

Introduction to the role of guide bushing in core machining

The machining obedience and accuracy of the machining center are comparable to those of CNC lathes. Due to the use of dual-axis layout tools, the processing cycle is shortened. By shortening the tool change time between the arranging tool and the tool setting station, the repetitive results of multiple tool stations, the repetitive results of the axis movement of the thread chips, and the results of the secondary machining simply spindle indexing, the idle travel time can be shortened. The chip cutting tool is always processed in the clamping position between the spindle and the workpiece, ensuring constant machining accuracy. The walking machine currently on the market has a machining diameter of 32 mm, which has a great advantage in the precision shaft machining market. This series of machine tools Read more

Going heart machine processing manufacturers reduce production resources extravagance

Going heart machine processing manufacturers reduce production resources extravagance Machining manufacturers need to reduce the occurrence of extravagance of production joint resources and ensure that the scope of product spending can be controlled by eliminating resources. Otherwise, if mass processing is held, the result of extravagance will be extremely huge, which will have an impact on the economic cost of the product market. Manufacturers need to adjust product market prices to form a good profit, which will break the product sales market balance, so how can manufacturers reduce production resources extravagance. First, the maintenance work of production equipment is carried out. The core machine manufacturers need to carry out the necessary maintenance work on the production equipment. If the failure of the production equipment occurs, the stability will exist. The Read more

Precision machining requirements for certificates

Precision machining requirements for certificates Not all raw materials can be used for precision machining. Some raw materials are too hard, which may exceed the hardness of the machined parts, which may break the machine parts. Therefore, these raw materials are not suitable for precision machining, unless they are made of special materials. Into the machine parts, or laser cutting. The raw materials for precision machining by precision machining manufacturers are divided into two categories, metal raw materials and non-metal raw materials. For metal raw materials, the hardness is greater than stainless steel, followed by cast iron, followed by copper, and then aluminum. The processing of ceramics, plastics, etc. is attributed to the processing of non-metallic raw materials. Precision machining mainly puts forward requirements for the hardness of the certificate Read more

How to improve the machining accuracy and output of the core machine

When processing companies use the core machine to perform product core machining, they must fully inquire about the use function of the core machine. Minghe Hardware Co., Ltd. wrote a little about the core machining problems and usage skills. As the equipment for batch processing of precision hardware and special-shaped non-standard parts of shafts, such a walking machine processing enterprise has played a very important advantage in equipment processing, which has further improved the precision of the equipment produced by the enterprise. And make the company’s product quality further improved. In the period of fierce competition in contemporary times, as far as production and processing enterprises are concerned, improving the quality of their products is a link to promote their own better development. However, there are many aspects in the Read more