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Micro-cutting and tool selection in turning and milling

Micro-cutting and tool selection in turning and milling

Over time, the time it takes to replace the blade becomes a significant factor in productivity. Face milling should be preferred, because it is cnc machining high-strength materials, and the cnc milling inserts have to withstand a lot of impact, so it is necessary to choose a high-hardness fine-grained insert base and apply a wear-resistant coating to prolong tool life and improve surface finish. . In the machining process of the spindle and the workpiece clamping part, the chip tool has always played a very important role, which provides a strong guarantee for constant machining accuracy. Because micromachining faces various challenges (such as tight dimensional tolerances, stringent quality requirements, difficult-to-machine materials, etc.), the selection of an accurate machining method is critical.

Micromachining presents a unique set of challenges—not only because of the very small size of the workpieces, but also in industries that require these tiny parts, which are mostly made of difficult-to-machine materials and have complex geometries.

Milling should be done. Turn-milling composite machining can realize the completion of the jade or most of the precision machining procedures at one time, thereby greatly shortening the product manufacturing process chain. With the continuous improvement of technology, in order to help improve the production efficiency of small parts, it is very important to have a reliable tool partner who can provide user support and technical advice. And choosing the right tool partner can also guarantee the success of the machining.

To reduce machining chatter (a bigger problem that can arise with thread whirling) and increase tool life, manufacturers should choose thread whirling rings with unequally spaced inserts.

Thread whirling (a aluminum milling process in which the cutting edge is located on the inner ring of the cutter instead of the outer circumference) is a more productive machining method. Precision nozzles provide maximum coolant flow for improved part quality and chip breaking.

Reduce floor space and reduce production costs. Due to the increasingly fierce competition, the success or failure of a company’s manufacturing business may be determined by the use of advanced cutting tools and processes to improve productivity and maintain a leading position in technology. This series of machine tools can also be equipped with an automatic feeding device to realize fully automatic production of a single machine tool, reducing labor costs and defective products in the production process, and can be used to produce large quantities of precision shaft parts. This process is very suitable for CNC lathes, as the distance between the tool and the guide bush is short, which is beneficial to enhance the support and reduce the vibration.

Many auto parts are made of sheet metal to form body parts (such as doors, hoods, fenders, etc.) by die machining.

In the machining of the turning-milling compound centering machine, drilling and internal turning should be carried out on the positive spindle length first, because the guide bush can support the bar material, so the processing stability can be improved. Its wedge-shaped design allows the operator to change blades in seconds.

Key factors for seamless production include process safety, cycle times and product quality. After finishing, complete finishing on the sub-spindle. This technology uses milling cutters (rather than drills) to more efficiently machine a variety of hole and pocket features on curved and sloping surfaces common in many aerospace components. In addition, the high-performance, long-chipping materials commonly used in the machining of tiny parts in aerospace manufacturing can cause chip breaking frustrations.

Reduce the number of clamping and improve the machining accuracy. The length of this screw is far greater than its diameter, making it more difficult to machine, as the screw can easily bend during processing. As far as the centering machine market is concerned, 42mm is its larger processing diameter, which makes the centering machine have a great advantage in the precision shaft processing market.

Blocking is the last process completed on the positive spindle. But there are also lots of small auto parts (such as driveshafts and gears) that are machined in high volume. Although the single price of Micro-cutting and tool selection in turning and milling equipment is relatively high, due to the shortening of the manufacturing process chain and the reduction of equipment required for the product, as well as the reduction of the number of fixtures, workshop floor space and equipment maintenance costs, the overall fixation can be effectively reduced. The cost of investment casting, production and management of assets. The closer the two spindles are to each other, the smaller the part overhang and the better the surface finish. The machine adopts two-axis arrangemasent of tools. This design greatly saves the processing cycle time. By shortening the tool exchange time between the arrangement of tools and the opposite tool table, the overlapping functions of multiple tool tables and effective axis movement of thread chips are realized. , The direct spindle indexing function during the secondary processing shortens the actual and empty travel time.